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Wer liebt, der schiebt. Was bedeutet das?

The Vespa is not just a vehicle. It's an old piece of metal full of life. Sometimes it is crooked and crooked, but it can never be broken, at most it can be bent.

Every Vespa has a different character, there are no two Vespas and most of them have their own will. The Vespa sets its own pace. If it stays there and you have to push it, sometimes a completely new adventure opens up for you. An adventure that stays in your memory and creates moments that slow you down in an everyday life that is far too fast. Adventure turns into love when you realize that all you need is a small speed, summer air and a few wheat fields combined with the irresistible smell of Vespas for a feeling of flying in which time stands still.

Grab a companion and get involved in this feeling. You don't necessarily have to go to Italy to experience the dolce vita. The Gäuboden and its unknown corners have waited far too long to finally be discovered.

The Vespa - a declaration of love


“Capture the moments that will conquer your heart tomorrow.”


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